A collection of images and videos that show snippets of our training sessions. At SG United, our soccer training for kids are curated by experts and experienced, professional coaches, each empowered with unique sets of teaching resources to enhance a player's soccer skills, general health and fitness.

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  "Kick, hit and never quit!"
Watch these videos on how Sameer is tactfully using the skills being taught by his dad, Gaye Alassane !  

Sameer, the son of the former professional footballer, Gaye Alassane and the midfielder at Balestier Khalsa. 

He started his career with Balestier Khalsa and scored his first professional for the club in the 2019 Singapore Premier League.

Sameer is a skillful and inspiring player who believes in mental resilience. He is passionate about football and hopes to continue making meaningful contributions to the game/sports/field.   

Sameer continually seeks professional development to upgrade his knowledge and skills about the sport/ football. He has an adventurous spirit, and enjoys learning, and exploring new things. As a footballer, he upholds good communication with stakeholders/ others such as his fellow teammates and students he coaches. 

He hopes to be a potential influencer in the sports industry. He seeks opportunities to be a sports model, and would love to be sponsored someday. 

He aims to reach greater heights in football and inspire the young generation of fellow footballers to believe in themselves and make achievements in football.

He lives by the quote ‘be yourself, believe in your greatness, even if no one else believes in you’.