Got an inkling to hit it big in soccer? 
Learn from the pros the ins and outs!


SG United Soccer is built with outstanding coaches providing the highest quality of instruction and supervision with good care and attention to every player. All of the coaches are professional coaches who have played at the highest level or national teams. They all portray, not only the ability to teach/coach but also to demonstrate the correct basic and advanced fundamental technical skills and tactics.




SG United Is a group of passionate football-loving players with a sincere commitment to the development of young players. We strive to develop fundamental skills and values to match for our players.


As we know ,Football is a fast-paced game and it’s important to constantly improve the agility of young players, through technical drills.

We accomplish this by providing players with quality skill instruction. We are committed to achieving this by providing respected, quality individuals, group programs such as holiday camps and personal coaching. 


SG United Soccer is committed to becoming a leading force in building fundamental skills and youth development in Soccer. The foundation of our business is based on the provision of personal attention to the players that form a team.



Our comprehensive development of the football player is the key that distinguishes our programme. SG United Soccer offers a fully qualified and highly skilled team that is responsible for maintaining our standards.


Our concept has been developed with the intention to form young talents from all parts of the world . 


In addition to developing youth players, SG United Soccer is committed to the discovery of raw talent and we hope to foster youth development of the players in Soccer.


In addition, Our programme is focused on providing them with a profound knowledge in Soccer that will hold them in good stead as professional footballers in the long run.


SG United Soccer is designed to balance the best training with the most meaningful games. 

SG United Soccer One-On-One Trainings

1-On-1 Trainings

We offer the opportunity for 1-on-1 training with our professional staff that specialise in all aspects of the game including conditioning training.

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Group Trainings

SG United offers morning sessions for those students that prefer to train before their regular day begins. It follows the same syllabus as the evening sessions.

SG United Soccer School Camps

School Camps

We offer holiday camps during the school holidays for our students to have the opportunity to continue their training. These camps run 5 days of each school holiday week.


A jersey with child's name printed on the back  will be provided for every sign - up.

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Warm Up Circle




Pass the Ball

Switch and Score

Shot Stopping

Contending 1 on 1s



Principles of defence




 Q: What will my child get from SG United

Soccer coaching?

We are passionate about your child’s development

in his/her soccer journey. We strive to make this

possible by being enthusiastic and dedicated to

each child that signs up and makes sure they know

the fundamentals of the game i.e. passing , striking

the ball , dribbling and challenging players to

practice each and every day possible.


Q: What happens if it is bad weather?

In the event of bad weather (lightning and

thunderstorms) continuously for more than an

hour, SG United Soccer will stop all activities for

the day and affected sessions will be

postponed to the following week of the new camp. 


Q: What does my child need to bring to camp 

or training?

Your child will need to bring several things:


  • Water Bottle

  • Snack and Lunch 

  • Extra Shirt

  • Insect Repellent

  • Sunscreen

 Q: What if my child is unwell ?

For 1 on 1 coaching, we can always reschedule.
However for group sessions, there is no make - up training unfortunately and will carry on with the rest of the children.


Q: Can you book a single day?

This option may be available, depending on availability. We offer a trial package at $30 for any 1 -1 or group sessions. Please email us for more details. 


Q: Can you pay as you go for the weekly sessions ?

Yes. Please register for our evening & weekend sessions, they are payable upon arrival each week.


Q: If I want my child to become a soccer player would you be able to help and how?

We provide top quality coaching sessions for children to advance their soccer skills that are structured and highly advanced . Players will get better technically on the ball as well as getting in better condition without even realising this.


It is our passion for the game that will help your child to become a smarter and more gifted player.

Q: What if I have more burning questions?

Call or WhatsApp or Email us at! There are tons of things to consider and we are happy to answer all of your questions!

Covid 19 Safety Measurements

Moving on to Phase 2, there will not be more than 5 kids in a group. Only while eating, drinking or doing strenuous activities, kids will not be wearing the mask. 

Parents shall download and use the SafeEntry and/or TraceTogether App in compliance with the respective venue requirements.


If your child displays any symptoms of respiratory illness such as flu, cough or shortness of breath and/or having a fever, he or she should not participate in any form of football activity until they are fully recovered.


Also if your child had been in recent contact with any individual/s who had tested positive for COVID-19 or under quarantine order in the last 14 days, should not participate in any form of football activity.


There will be no inter-mixing of players between groups and short breaks will be provided for the purpose of rehydrating and hand sanitising.

   Your child’s well being is important to us. 

Stay safe and We look forward to you becoming part of the

SG United Soccer family.